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Eternal Hell- Eternal Life
Metropolitan of AOCC " Theology on the Air"
Aug 11, 2020
Live Like the Saints
Homily preached by Bishop Webster, St Agape Orthodox Church
Jul 31, 2020
Healing our Diseases
Fr Josiah speaks on the Church as a Hospital
Jul 31, 2020
Technology, Media and the The Orthodox Church
Fr Josiah speak in detail about the future of media in the church
Jul 31, 2020
The Need For Unity In The Orthodox Church
Ft Johan shares this view and "Challenge" with the Church and it requires Action
Jul 31, 2020
Metropolitan of AOCC , Homily: Jesus is the Light
Archbishop led a virtual service via St George and Diocese participants, Washington D.C, Tallahassee ,F
Jul 28, 2020
Jesus is on the Main Line, "Beleiving is Seeing"
Homily Preached by: Bishop Anthony Webster; Pastor of St Agape Orthodox Church. The Parish is located at 2048 Centre Pointe Lane, Tallahassee, Florida.
Jul 28, 2020
The Ancient Church Mar 5, 2012 1
The Ancient Church part 1 Mar 5, 2012
The Ancient Church -Orthodox Mar 5, 2012
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