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Photo Gallery: class of 1962 Re-union Photo Gallery: class of 1962 Re-union

class of 1962 Re-union
[Howard Academy Class of 1962 50th Class Re-Union]
Viewed 1801 times
[Memrial Candle Lignting Activity for Classmates that have died]
Viewed 2078 times
[Memorial Activity with candles glowing]
Viewed 1934 times
Memorial Prayer]
Viewed 1874 times
[Elzora Saunders gives a tribute to the Class of 1962]
Viewed 1723 times
Viewed 1625 times
Viewed 1609 times
Viewed 1645 times
Viewed 1649 times
Viewed 1702 times
Willie Brinson, Dan Cooper and Marvin Sellvian]
Viewed 1737 times
[Evelyn Johnson, Elanor McKinner, Alberta Lamar , Rita Brinson and Family members]
Viewed 1966 times
[Betty Thomas, Elias Norton and Jame Edwards of the Howard Academy Class of 1962]
Viewed 2051 times
Viewed 1740 times
[Mr. Stallworth, Annie Lawerence, Johnny Thomas and Johnnie Mays]
Viewed 1861 times
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