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Black History Month Sweetfield Baptist Church Black History Month Sweetfield Baptist Church

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Black History Month Sweetfield Baptist Church

Posted on Sun, Feb 19, 2012

Bishop Webster is providing worship service at Sweetfield Baptist Church

At the didrection of the Pastor, Rev. James Thompson, Bishop Webster is providing worship services for the Month of February. The church is located in


   Discussion: Black History Month Sweetfield Baptist Church
Lynn Davis (anon) · 12 years, 5 months ago


My name is Lynn Davis living in Lawrenceville, Ga and on Saturday March 31, 2012 I visited your beautiful church. My reason for the visit, I'm a direct descendant of the Nelms/Nellums/Nelloms/Neloms family. In my search to find my family history I found some death certificates which indicates that my family was buried at the church cemetary. After walking the grounds I quickly realized that I could not go back to the area in which my ancestor's are probably buried. As you may already know our government did not take stock in preserving the information on the african-american history.

I've uncovered that the Nelms/Nelloms/Nellums & so on, the family is one in the same but the last name has several different spellings. Both of my grandparents graced the grounds of Quitman GA; the Jones family as well as the Nellums family. I pray that you can please help me in my search. My grandmother & grandfather had relocated to Clearwater, Fl in the 1930's but had some wonderful stories about the loving family that they left behind. It's unfortunate when I was a little girl I listened to the stories but did not put much stock into them until I started to have a family of my own and the questions began.

I wondering if the church keeps any old documents on such families buried at the cemetary?

As of right now we've uncovered at least more than 300 decendants from the Nellums family in at least 5 differnt states and we would like to uncover as much information as possible. If you could please help by giving me a call our family will greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Lynn Davis 770-369-7670

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